Cosmetic Procedures

All of the following episodes are of actual surgeries or cosmetic procedures. Viewer discretion is advised.

An AMP, Angel Maynard Productions, Bleparopastly (Eye Lift) video that is featured on

Blepharoplasty from Angel Maynard on Vimeo.

Angel gets a Cool Sculpting Fat Reduction treatment at Eagle’s Landing Skin Enhancement and Vein Center

Abdominoplasty Surgery (Tummy Tuck)

Lori and Katie were able to be in the operating room while Angel had a silicone breast augmentation done at Advanced Aesthetics by Dr. Paul Feldman.

Angel’s Silicone Breast Augmentation (the original link with the written blog)

Angel takes the camera in as she goes to visit Dr. Paul Feldman of Advanced Aesthetics to get a breast augmentation consult.

Do Your Boobs Hang Low? (the original link with the written blog)

Angel takes Lori and Blis to visit Denise Fogle, RN. to get Botox.

Time Marches On (the original link with the written blog)

Angel films Katie’s SmartLipo procedure performed by Dr. Schilling of the Schillings Women’s Center.

SmartLipo (the original link with the written blog)

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  1. Hi, I’m thinking of having breast augmentation surgery. My problem is about having over muscle as I am always active meaning that I workout. Does anyone have any feedback? I have not seen the doctor as I am still not quite ready for the procedure. Thankyou

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