It’s hard to believe that it has been 3 years since I started my web series Real Women/Real Sexy with Angel Maynard. To celebrate I wanted to bring you some of the very best episodes over the last 3 years! A big thank you to all that have made this show such a big part of my life, the 1.3 million viewers and counting that have visited the site (WOW, I still can’t believe the number) and the people who are crazy enough to do it with me!

Sponsored by Wyndham Hotels we got to be dirty, dirty girls!!

A spooky good time on the Decatur Ghost Tour

The name says it all! “Girls With Guns”

Learning how to “FIGHT LIKE A GIRL” with the wonderful Cole Parker at Divas in Defense!

Belly Dancing!

Do your boobs hang low? NO! Not anymore! We filmed my breast augmentation for the series!

If you put “Brazilian Wax” in the title they will come! The most popular episode on Youtube!

And last but not least, the very first episode “Erotic White Elephant” I was just learning how to film and edit, a little rough, but will always hold a special place in my….. well heart ;)

Enjoy! :)


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