Paying It Forward: Aid Atlanta

Every year I choose one non-profit organization to offer my production services to. I believe strongly in giving to the community in which I live and work. I also believe in paying it forward when you have the means and a skill set that can help those in need. This year I am working with AID Atlanta – The Official Page and am reading through some of the testimonials from some of the people this wonderful organization has touched. I wanted to share one with you from an HIV positive, pregnant mother who was diagnosed after finding out she was pregnant:

“Aid Atlanta has helped me create a lifestyle that does not focus on my HIV status but my overall health. The countless number of opportunities to be confident by sharing my story with many youth and others. During 2010 – 2013 I struggled a many of times in the beginning of my diagnosis with balancing being newly diagnosed, birthing an HIV- negative baby, and the normal issues like bills. AID Atlanta has shown me how support can give life. I received help from AID Atlanta immediately after my diagnosis. I was able to call their hotline to help me mentally. I was distraught and needed someone to talk to. I’m not sure who was on the other line but they helped me save my life. When I found out that I was pregnant, 2 weeks after my diagnosis, I was scheduled for a C-section. I was in need of case mgmt. My case worker sought out services through local churches and other programs to help me maintain my place of residency. Also Aid Atlanta was able to help me provide my children with school supplies, Christmas gifts, and an outlet for me to be able to grow by supporting my community by advocating through public speaking, community service and leadership. Aid Atlanta is a family to me and I value everything that they do.”

HIV affects every community regardless of age, race, ethnicity, sexual preference or income bracket. If you have the means, please consider giving to this amazing organization. Aid Atlanta thanks you, I thank you and so do the ones you help!!

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