Angel on Atlanta & Co discussing Liquid Lifts



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  1. Fitrihh says:

    kvelaferi kargad iqbena didi imedi makvs, dzalian vnerviulob kvelazee((( gmerti dagvexmarebaaa,dzalian mikvarxart kvela gicnobt ar gicnobt mainc amas tipobistvis ar vcer martla mase var da gmertma dagvexmaros kvelass!!! gauprtxildit ertmantes!

  2. doxycycline says:

    Good to meet you again after ages Caitriona. Well done on the nomination. Just left a message on Martin’s site saying that we’d agreed he should enter the awards next year! Is it indeed his birthday today? You and Aonghus must come over to tje East Wall for dinner one day soon.

  3. Malena says:

    Watch out! We’ve got a Marxist over here (Rombarch Report).JK – In the checkered past of my youth I have to say gultiy as charged, but you know how that old saying goes…. “Anyone who’s not a communist when they’re 18 years old has no heart, and anyone who still is a communist when they’re 30 has no head.” Unless you’ve read some of my posts here, I think you would have a hard time defining my outlook on political economy.

  4. Ival says:

    Going to put this artilce to good use now.

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