Angel on Atlanta & Co discussing Liquid Lifts

Here is the latest video of another segment as BLUE Cosmetic Surgery and MedSpa’s Patient Advocate, discussing Liquid Lifts on Atlanta & Co!

We brought in Katie Bowers for a Liquid Lift two weeks before the segment aired. We did a combination of injectables. We used Botox to smooth out the lines on her forehead, between her brows and her crows feet. We used Juvederm Ultra on her smile lines, marionette lines (the lines at the corners of the mouth) as well as Juvederm Ultra Plus to fill in the hollows underneath her eyes in the tear trough area. To volumize her face and give her the final lift she needed, we used Voluma, in the cheek area. See the before and after pics in the video that show her dramatic results!

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  1. Thanks for finally talking about > Angel on Atlanta & Co discussing Liquid Lifts | Real Women/Real
    Sexy with Angel Maynard < Liked it!

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