Cool Sculpting Fat Reduction Event!

What would say if I told you that you could spend an hour lying in a comfy chair, surrounded by a pillow, watching TV and lose inches off any area of your body that might have a bulge, bump or flab? You’d probably tell me I’ve been watching too many late night infomercials and none of that crap ever works!! I’d promptly tell you, WRONG!!

I was introduced to Cool Sculpting by the awesome ladies at Eagle’s Landing Skin Enhancement and Vein Center in Stockbridge, Ga. While filming a few informational videos for this practice I got to witness this really cool way to look smokin hot!! It absolutely works!

I let them hook me up for an impromptu treatment of my upper abdomen and I can attest that it’s non-invasive, non-painful (in fact it was rather relaxing) and I’ve watched the results with amazement.

We will be having an educational event to introduce you to Cool Sculpting on October 24, 2013. Eagle’s Landing Skin Enhancement events book up fast, as they have limited room, so RSVP soon! There will be giveaways, live demonstrations, discounts and free consultations on that night. I will be there and so will many of my friends. We’d love to see all of you there :)

For additional video footage about Cool Sculpting, you can visit the Eagle’s Landing Skin Enhancement YouTube page. You’ll find several other videos there about their other services that I produced for them. This is a really great practice!

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