SMARTLIPO Education Event

That’s not me incase you were wondering. That is work that was done by a BLUE Cosmetic Surgeon.

“Baby Belly”
“Buddah Belly”
“Blubber Belly”
“Spare Tire”
“The Apron”
“Flard” (that’s fat and lard combined)

The list can go on and on, and some of the names are not to be repeated on my PG-17 site :0
I used to call it my “Baby Belt”, the section of my abdomen that was just slightly bulgier than it was before I had kids. I could starve myself and exercise 8 hours a day and that damn “baby belt” stayed in the same place no matter what I did! So, 9 years ago while getting dressed to go out and trying to pull on a SPANX that fit tighter than my own skin to flatten out that area under my dress, I made the decision that I would explore the option of Liposuction. I was nervous and afraid, looking up every possible thing I could find on Google; the good, the bad and the ugly. After much thought and many hours of looking at myself in the mirror while sucking in and pulling by belly tight, I went for it.
The procedure was quick, the recovery was a breeze and the results are going strong almost a decade later!! Technical changes in the procedure these days have made it easier (you do not have to be put to sleep to have it done now), recovery is faster (the added component of the Smart Laser has made the down time minimal) and the results are permanent (of course you still have to maintain your diet and exercise).
I would do the procedure again in a heartbeat if I needed to and knowing then what I know now, wouldn’t have waited as long or been as nervous about having it done!

If your “Baby Belt” or any other area that bothers you is something you want to get help with let me show you how simple and easy it is to take care of it! I am hosting an educational event at BLUE on 9/18 from 5:30pm to 7pm. The event is free and as always, I’ve talked them into giving away some free stuff! :)
I will be showing a video about the procedure. Some of you may have already seen portions of it in the Real Women/Real Sexy episode about SmartLipo.

You can call to RSVP, or contact me directly and I will get you on the list!

On September 18th I will be hosting a SMARTLIPO educational event at BLUE Cosmetic Surgery and Medspa in Atlanta.

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