Real Women/Real Sexy: Brandi’s Weight Loss Journey at Acworth Wellness/Club Reduce

Spring is in the air! It was a really beautiful day this fine April 1st. While typically known as April fools day, this first day of April we are bringing you a journey of fresh starts and renewal that is no joke!

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Jim DiBlasi and his staff at Acworth Wellness and Club Reduce center last Fall when our own Real Women/Real Sexy cast member Brandi decided to make some health changes in her life at Dr. DiBlasi’s Club Reduce center. We follow Brandi as she goes through a 12 week program to lose weight and learn how to change the way she looks at her diet, exercise and overall lifestyle. Watching her was inspiring and amazingly educational for me. Brandi and I spend a great deal of time working together and I was astounded at the hard work and dedication she gave to this program and the support and encouragement that she received from the Club Reduce center’s staff and Dr. DiBlasi.

If you are considering making a dietary change in your life, there is no better time than now, at the beginning of this new Spring season of rebirth and rejuvenation. I truly believe this program at Club Reduce can change anyone’s life. If you are looking to lose a lot of weight or a little, even if you are just interested in learning how to improve your nutrition and diet, Dr. DiBlasi is where you need to start. I watched it first hand as Brandi was going through the program and now we are going to bring it to you.

We will be having a Real Women/Real Sexy Event to introduce our viewers to the program and Dr. DiBlasi’s center. Stay tuned for details!

This is the first of the two part series featuring Brandi’s journey.

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One Response to Real Women/Real Sexy: Brandi’s Weight Loss Journey at Acworth Wellness/Club Reduce

  1. April Spring says:

    GO BRANDI! You look GREAT and I want to keep following you until you reach your goal. CONGRATS! April

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