No One Ages Without Aging: Real Women/Real Sexy

I have a saying, “No one ages without aging.” It’s true that some have good genes and the process seems to happen slower or less dramatically over time. Especially in the Hollywood celebrity world. The media would have you believe that all the women you see in magazines, in the movies or on television are some group of mutated special race of women who have no lines, no wrinkles, no fat and no bags under their eyes. The truth? Most women over a certain age that look much younger than their years are more than likely getting some help somewhere from someone or something. NO ONE AGES WITHOUT AGING!!

The good news is, there are things that you can do to fight off or minimize the changes you see that bother you as you get a little older without making you look like a pulled, stretched, distorted version of yourself. The goal is to find a cosmetic surgeon or practitioner that can help you make the right decisions about what you want to change, minimize or fix. These solutions don’t have to break the bank and aren’t just for the rich and famous. Mommy makeovers can come in many different combinations depending on what you want to do.

This is of course in no way suggesting that everyone needs to do something. But, if you choose to make a change, a nip there or a tuck here, we have a recommendation for you.

I invited some of the viewers to Blue Cosmetic Surgery & MedSpa to get information on Facial Rejuvenation. Dr. Tara Margarella discussed Botox, fillers, laser treatments and more. The girls had a great time and Blue was very generous to the guests. We gave away gift cards, Botox, Juvederm and deep discounts on all the services discussed. This will be the first of several of these events! Stay tuned and we hope to see many of you at the next one!

Blue Cosmetic Surgery & MedSpa is offering the same discounts to our viewers if you phone and book your appointment for service or consultation over the next week. You can find details on our Facebook Fan Page.

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