Real Women/Real Sexy: Belly Dancing with Saroya

Every year I give myself two weeks to pig out and be a lazy bum. As soon as my kids get out of school for the holidays I let the diet go and overload on Christmas carbs. I try to watch what and how much I eat all year and I get to the gym on a regular basis. But, for those two weeks I don’t think about any of that! It’s part of my Christmas gift to myself. I always feel like a bloated mess by the end of it however. So when it’s done, I know I’ll be marching back into the overcrowded gym, with all the New Year’s resolution folks (it clears out after about a week). This year I have decided to try some different approaches to working out. Lets face it, the treadmill and lifting weights can get pretty boring.

Keeping with the theme of the show, I decided to seek out something that would be fun and a little sexy to do while getting your heart rate up a little. It could also be useful in the bedroom too! ;) ;)

Just like the episodes we’ve done in the past on fitness, this one is fun, different and a total workout. A little something out of the norm, which I think is always more fun!

I took Brandi, Toni and Joy with me to Saroya Belly Dancing at the Decatur School of Ballet.
We had a blast and Saroya and her teachers were very patient with us. We all came out of the class feeling sexy and well versed in angulation. This is definitely a class you can take with your girlfriends and have a blast!

Clothing in this episode provided by

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2 Responses to Real Women/Real Sexy: Belly Dancing with Saroya

  1. admin says:

    We loved being there with you guys! It was a blast :)

  2. Saroya says:

    Thanks so much for coming to visit us, ladies! Y’all did a great job. I also want to give a big shout-out to my co-teachers, Saheli and Sarah.

    To all you watchers, yes, we almost always have that much fun in class. Come see us on Sunday afternoons at 3:00 — we’ll be there!

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