Real Women/Real Sexy Holiday Gift Recommendation: Blue MedSpa

It approaches like a fast moving train through the night. Or should I say, fast moving sleigh? Christmas is only………11 DAYS AWAY!! That really only leaves you 10 more shopping days until those you love wait excitedly with their hands outstretched to see what amazing effort you put into getting them a gift that will “WOW” them. I know some of you out there are like me. Even though you have the best of intentions all year long to shop and collect those gifts with the “wow” factor to give the amazing people in your life, the season approaches fast and you are suddenly at a loss for what to get. You can read my past Christmas posts to see why sometimes gift buying can be a challenge.
Enter Real Women/Real Sexy’s gift giving idea for this season!! I’m always here to help ;)

There isn’t a man or woman that I know of that doesn’t like to be pampered in some way. And while I’m sure all you husbands, wives, partners, boyfriends and girlfriends out there love to give massages on a daily basis to your significant other, why not let someone else do the work for you! Blue MedSpa in midtown Atlanta (they have a location in Huntsville Alabama too) is ready to help you give the “Present of Pamper” this season! Blue is a full service medispa with every luxurious spa service you can imagine. They have a full service spa with things like massage, facials, peels and wraps, to name a few. Blue offers medispa services like Botox for the wrinkles and Juvederm and Radiessse for the lines (I always have a few more of each after each holiday season). They have two doctors on staff in Atlanta, one is a cosmetic surgeon for things such as breast augmentation and Smart Lipo! They also have a physician that specializes in anti-aging and hormonal replacement therapy.

You could start off the New Year with a whole new you at Blue!

Now, you all know me and know I wouldn’t make a recommendation to you without showing you what I’m talking about. So come along with me, Brandi, Pattie and Lori as we visit Blue MedSpa. They are running several holiday specials (I’m putting one of the adds in this post) and a gift card is only a click away. I really am trying to make your life so much easier this holiday season. May I suggest a massage or facial for yourself while you are at it. All that shopping can make you tense and stressed! At least that is the excuse I use, I have a massage scheduled next week. ;)

Happy Holidays to all our sexy viewers! We love you and we will see you soon in the New Year!

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