Real Women/Real Sexy: Interview with Fashionado, E. Vincent Martinez

In the next few episodes we are going to talk about fashion!! I love when the leaves start to fall and change colors. I revel in the cooler mornings and nights. Most of all, I love the mosquitos to die, the sunscreen to be put away and the temperature to drop so we don’t feel like we live on the surface of the sun. I am a fall/winter kind of girl. I count down the days until the sweaters, scarves, hats, gloves and boots come out. This kind of weather puts me in a good mood and really lifts up my spirits. Throw in some gray cloudy days and I’m over the moon happy. Just a reminder that I am not a dark and gloomy person, I just hate the sun!

This past spring I met one of the premier fashion bloggers in Atlanta, E. Vincent Martinez who’s blog Fashionado has become a “have to read” for people in the know about fashion, entertainment and cool happenings in and around Atlanta. Recently Vincent and I spent the morning talking about how he got his start and his new baby, Style Magazine VM, his brand new e-zine that premiered in August. I also got to spend some time with his live in love, the lovely Simone!

I had so much fun talking with Vincent that we will air our interview in two parts. Next time, we will get fashion tips from Vincent for the fall and talk about developing your personal style and some do’s and don’ts of fashion!

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One Response to Real Women/Real Sexy: Interview with Fashionado, E. Vincent Martinez

  1. Cathy says:

    Great interview; look forward to the 2nd!

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