Real Women/Real Sexy: Pole Waxers University

In continuing with some of our alternate exercise themes, I took the girls to Pole Waxers University in Marietta, Georgia. No, I’m not trying to convince the girls to take up stripping in this crazy economy, although some of them might make a good living at it after seeing their abilities during this class! :)

Pole dancing is said to have originated in ancient Babylon with the spring festival fertility worship dance around the Maypole. In the 1920s pole dancing started in the United States when traveling show dancers used tent poles as props in their act. It eventually graduated into the erotic prop used by exotic dancers in clubs and bars most of us associate with it today. However, Pole Fitness is making it’s way into the mainstream and women all over the country are using the sexy seductive art of “waxing the pole” to help them get in shape!

We had an amazingly sexy time at Pole Waxers University. This was an incredible workout and not as easy as you might think! My hat goes off to all the professional pole dancers of the world, whether you are doing it for tips, or competing in competitions these women have skills!

Thank you Robin and Hillary for inviting us into the world of pole dancing, we will definitely be back for more!!

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2 Responses to Real Women/Real Sexy: Pole Waxers University

  1. Ryan Gosling says:

    “The battle of the sexes is over. And Cal, we won. We won the minute women started doing pole dancing for exercise.”

    -Ryan Gosling as Jacob Palmer in Crazy, Stupid, Love

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