Real Women/Real Sexy: Mommy’s Morning Out

I’ve been thinking about

Setting my house on fire

Can’t see a way out of the mess I’m in

And the bills keep getting higher

All I need is a match and a gallon of gas

God I’m getting tired

Gonna set this house on fire

I’ve been thinking about

Going off the deep end

My man can’t get no overtime

And the baby ain’t been sleeping

All I need is a washing machine

These ends of mine ain’t meeting

I’m about to go off of the deep end

Ooh, ooh

Well I’ve been thinking about

All these pills I’m taking

I wash them down with an ice cold beer

And a love I ain’t been making

Oh, I feel like I’m burning up

With words I ain’t been saying

And all these pills I’m taking

Ooh, ooh

I’ve been thinking about

Setting my house on fire

Pistol Annie’sHousewife’s Prayer

I recently downloaded a new album by The Pistol Annie’s and the above song really caught my attention. While her prayer to watch her house burn seems extreme, I certainly can relate to the angst that comes along with being a mom and a wife. That opening line “I’ve been thinking about setting my house on fire” has rang true to me more than once in my reign as queen of my home!

Taking care of everyone in your family and all the needs and maintenance that come along with that can find many moms forgetting to take care of themselves. Taking some time out for yourself lends itself to the guilt department.

Motherhood is filled with guilt.

There’s guilt if you leave them, guilt if you hover too much. More guilt that they don’t have enough or guilt that you are spoiling them by giving them too much. You name it, we have guilt for it when it comes to motherhood. Often times other moms don’t help in the guilt department either. I see a lot of mommies, especially when the children are small, doing the Mommy Olympics with each other. Any of this sound familiar?

Johnny is starting to crawl and he’s only 10 months old!

Well, Amy was up and running by the time she was 8 and 1/2 months old, I would have thought Johnny would be walking by now, have you checked with the doctor?

Little Lisa is starting to read and she’s only 2! I’ve been reading to her since she was an embryo

Well, Tito can play the piano like Mozart and he’s only 18 months!”

Or the life altering questions you have to answer before, during and after having kids.

Breast or bottle feed?

Organic food made at home or grocery store out of the jar kind?

Go back to work or stay home?

Minivan or SUV?

Start them in preschool at 2 or 3 years old?

Will they play soccer or t-ball?

Will you set up play dates once or twice a week?

529 college fund or custodial account?

Should I keep going or do you get the idea? Add all that in with a house, a spouse and a couple of pets and you’ve got a mom that is ready to set her house on fire!

What you need before lighting the match is a break. I don’t mean pack a bag and head to Mexico kind of break (although a girl’s weekend off in Cabo isn’t a bad idea) but a couple of uninterrupted hours to yourself can make you feel like a new woman. Notice I said woman, not mom. We sometimes forget that before all this crazy mommy stuff we were women first. Women who liked pampering and free time and could sit down and read a book uninterrupted. Remember those days?

Occasionally it’s important to remind yourself that you deserve to feel relaxed, untroubled and uninterrupted from time to time. Do it once a week, once a month or just whatever works for you. Demand some time to yourself. No one will just open up the opportunity for you and it is not selfish to require it for yourself. We’re all better mom’s, better wives and better people when we’ve been able to do some things that are just meant with ourselves in mind.

This episode of Real Women/Real Sexy is “Mommy’s Morning Out. It’s in two parts. These are a couple of examples of how I like to get out with some of my girls and relax and enjoy a little me time with my friends. Pick whatever activities you like to do and do them by yourself or with your friends. The important thing is that you do them for you!

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