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I made the claim once in an article that your smile is usually the first thing people notice about you. Well, if you are a woman it is one of two things men will notice about you. If you ask a man “Is breast size important to you when choosing a potential partner?” the reaction to the question is generally the same. Their eyes instantly glimmer, the corners of their mouth turn up into a smile, their hands come together in a tight little ball. They will usually come out very quickly with one or two of the typical expressions that have been passed down through the ages. “More than a handful is too much,” “The bigger the better, the tighter the sweater,” “I like big butts and I cannot lie,” Oh wait, that was the answer to a different question!

After the euphoria from the imagery of breasts wanes a bit in their minds, they usually reveal the true answer. Most men polled say that it’s the woman behind the boobies that matter. They don’t predicate a true love affair on the size of her assets. They are just happy she has them and that sometimes she may let him look at them, and even happier if she lets him touch them!

Let’s talk about boobs!

Women are a whole different story. We think not only about our own breast size and shape but other women’s too. I believe in every woman’s head Judy Blume’s quote from  Are you there God, It’s me Margaret? plays on a loop. “We-must we-must we-must increase our bust!” We talk about how big or small we are. We talk about shape and size like we’re describing a recipe. “Those are clearly tear dropped shaped with a touch of volume and pinch of cleavage.” We’ve also taken to spotting real or augmented breasts as a game. It’s got a combination of rules from I Spy and Punch Buggy. “I spy C cups at 12 o’clock. Big Boobies, gate closed!” The truth is that women want to look and feel their best about the assets they’ve been given. If by chance they feel short changed in that area there are people like Dr. Feldman at Advanced Aesthetics and his wonderful staff to help them along the path of breast enlightenment.

Before having my two boys my husband used to tell me I had Playboy boobs! BLAM! They were completely round with cleavage to spare. Nipples were right in the center and they were great. Boy one came and I DIDN’T breast feed so they snapped right back. Boy two came, and I DID breast feed, and well they didn’t quite snap, they sort of crept back slowly to a spot that wasn’t where they had been before. All fine and good when I throw a push up bra into the mix. But, how do you get a push-up bra under a halter-top without it showing? I tried on the shirts without the bra. NOT going to work. There was a little too much sway going on even when I was standing still! I tried the wonderful Hollywood Tape that I’ve grown so fond of. Double sided tape is magic in so many ways! I’ve even used it in my hair! Don’t ask. I tried to tape that halter to that push-up bra in about a thousand places. I looked like a mummy in an old 1930s horror film. I managed to get it taped in there, though. However, I wouldn’t be able to walk, sit or turn my head or the whole thing would come undone like one of those magic rags my kids get at the Disney store — the kind that is shrunk up to the size of a quarter and when you put it in water it turns into a beach blanket!

So I came to a conclusion about 3 years ago. I need a boob job! That’s it! I need upgraded boobs so that I never have to worry about wearing a bra again! Then I start thinking, “Am I too old for a boob job?” I’ll be edging up on 50 in another decade. Will the doctor look at me like I’m nuts? When I go in for a retread at 50, will they laugh me out of the office? I went for a consultation, got all the information, then chickened out. However, the issue kept coming up again and again for me. My need for more “push up” got to be more than I wanted to deal with. So, I made the decision to just go for it!

As always, I’m going to take you guys on the ride with me.
This week’s episode will be my consultation with Dr. Feldman. I tried to ask as many questions as I could think of to make this as informative for any of you guys out there that are on the fence like I was. Feel free to contact me or Dr. Feldman at Advanced Aesthetics with any questions you might not get the answers to here.
Next time, you’ll get to see the actual surgery.

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