Real Women/Real Sexy: Dinner at Davio’s

Part of my goal in doing Real Women/Real Sexy was to feature some of the places around Atlanta that I like spending time with my friends. I did a Random Review back in March of this year about one of my favorite restaurants in Atlanta; Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse. Davio’s was kind enough to invite me and some of my friend’s from the show to come back and record one of our girl’s nights out. We jumped at the chance! We asked Action Limousine to pick us up and take us home, because a girl’s night out isn’t a real girl’s night out unless you have a drink or two (or 3 or 4 Lemon drops).

In this episode we will show you a little glimpse of us out and about. We’ll let you in on what we really like to talk about when we get together and sit around the table after we’ve all gotten comfortable and feeling a little giggly and tipsy. Well, what we talk about after we’ve discussed our spouses, kids, jobs and swapped a few quick dinner recipes. Those are the sober conversations while we wait for the appetizers.

Let’s face it, women talk more locker room smack than most men would ever dream of! Who else can you talk to about what’s going right or wrong in the bedroom than your best girlfriends? Even if you’ve just met someone, after a few lemon drops you suddenly feel very connected.

We want to thank Davio’s for hosting us, Action Limousine for making sure we made it home safe and a special thanks to Brad our waiter! He unwittingly got sucked into our conversation more than once! Let’s just say “accidental masturbation” is not an unfamiliar topic to him now!

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2 Responses to Real Women/Real Sexy: Dinner at Davio’s

  1. Cathy says:

    Davio’s was FABULOUS, and what a fun night out with the girls! Real Women DO have fun; I’m ready to do it again! ;)

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