Real Women/Real Sexy: Love The Skin You’re In

Today is June 21st, the first day of summer! To me it has felt like summer for months now. When the temperature gets anywhere above 80 degrees I consider it summer. I joke quite often about hiding in my “cave” and being happy on cloudy, overcast days. I prefer gray days over sunny ones. It’s not because I’m dark and brooding; if you know me you know I’m anything but dark. It is because my lily white skin (that’s code for ghostly pale) cannot bare the sun! I have only one envy in this world. It’s not people with money, success, beauty or fame. I envy people with pigment!

There is something so sexy about beautiful sun kissed skin. That healthy glow that comes with summer sunning has always been a phenomenon that eluded me, and not for lack of trying to obtain it. I spent hours when I was younger lying out in the backyard trying to soak up the sun into my translucent skin cells, desperately trying to look like all my blonde and brunette friends. All I ever achieved though was sun poisoning and multitudes of new freckles. Everyone always used to tell me so cleverly, “If you connected all your freckles you would have a great tan!” To which I always sweetly responded, “Bite Me!”

Recently I read that Julianne Moore wrote a series of children’s books called FreckledFace Strawberry about a little red haired girl that gets made fun of because of her red hair and freckles. Boy, do I sympathize with her! The moral of the books, “Love the skin your in.” I found that an endearing message for children, but it’s also a really good one for grown women too.

I’m finding as I get a little bit older and so do my blonde and brunette friends, the playing field of Father Time has been a bit leveling to us all, tan and pale alike. Freckles and age spots all start looking a little like the same thing over time. No one wants to look in the mirror and see spots that weren’t there before. Believe it or not, in between all the freckles I’m used to seeing on my face, I will notice a new one in a heartbeat! My friends, who once used to slather on Hawaiian Tropic oil like it came straight from the fountain of youth, are now drowning themselves in sunscreen. Can’t say I don’t find a little satisfaction in that. Ha!
I still have to hide under the umbrella in a hat though, so they still find ways to tease me. Those damn blondes can be so mean ;)

There are many factors that contribute to skin aging, the sun is only one of many. You have to learn to slow down the process by learning how to care for your skin. You can be young at heart, but if your skin looks like old leather no one is going to buy you in that miniskirt. Come on, I’m just telling the truth here!

The problem is learning how and why to care for your skin. Everyone’s skin is different, so no two people can combat Father Time the same way. Our next few episodes are going to feature a couple of skin care professionals and our search to find the best ways to pamper our skin and keep it looking young. Our first visit is to Oculus Skin Care Centre and their fabulous Visia Machine.

Unlike most typical medi-spas, Oculus customizes treatment for each client that walks in the door. The first thing that you experience when you visit the spa for skin treatment is a Visia Complexion Analysis Report. The machine looks like a cross between an eye exam, a dental x-ray machine and something that could read your thoughts if you happened to be on The Starship Enterprise. What the Visia machine does is totally amazing!
Come join us as we visit Oculus and get help fighting off that chronic pain in the rear Father Time and learn how to “Love The Skin We’re In.”

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