Random Review: Oculus Skin Care Centre

Description from Oculus Skin Care Centre website.

Oculus skin care centré is dedicated to providing exemplary customer service by building relationships through educating and instructing guests on good skin care practices. We specialize in detail-oriented, corrective skin treatments. Our goal is to set ourselves apart from the traditional “day spa” by combining medical esthetics with a therapeutic touch.

About a year ago I wrote a blog, Time Marches On, about the effects of aging on your face and the sometimes painful process to fight Father Time (he’s such a chronic pain in the rear). While I specifically talked about Botox and fillers, there are other great, non-injectable ways to ward off aging and maintain the healthiest looking skin possible. I had the great fortune to receive an invitation to visit Oculus Skin Care Centre in Atlanta and experience what they do to help overcome and sometimes reverse the hands of time.

Unlike most typical medi-spas, Oculus customizes treatment for each client that walks in the door. The first thing that you experience when you visit the spa for skin treatment is a Visia Complexion Analysis Report. The machine looks like a cross between an eye exam, a dental x-ray machine and something that could read your thoughts if you happened to be on The Starship Enterprise. What the Visia machine does is totally amazing!

Stacie Clark, a licensed medical esthetician, took care of me during my visit. With one little quick flash she had six different readings on my face. Here’s what we measured; Spots, Wrinkles, Texture, Pores, Porphyrins and UV Spots. Each reading gives you a percentage based off of your age group. I was feeling pretty proud of my results, as most of my readings were in the 90th percentile and up. This means that my skin, in those areas, is 90 percent better than most people my age. I was just about to crown myself Valedictorian of my generation in skin care when my arch nemesis showed up; The Sun! I probably stay out and away from the sun more than anyone you know, yet I’m still covered in freckles and sun spots. My Irish skin got two or three more spots just now because I typed the word sun! I was 34th percentile in UV spots. That totally blew up my average, damn it!

OK, so the good news was that Stacie had a good idea of where our concentration needed to be in the way of skin care. When she finally got me to stop ogling at my photos we went back to the treatment room and started on the facial. Wow, what an amazing experience!

Stacie did 5 treatments on me in the room.

A Double Cleanse with Clarisonic Brush: This procedure uses the same sonic technology as those sonic toothbrushes. It opens and closes the pores to cleanse and minimize appearance.

Enzyme Exfolliant with Glycolic Acid: I have sensitive skin and usually stay away from the glycolic acid, but this was very gentle. Just a little tingle to let you know it was working.

Extractions: If you’ve ever had facials you know what this is. These estheticians truly do amazing work at getting every little blemish and blip off your face.

Hydrating/Calming Mask: They need to add relaxing to that that description. During this portion Stacie gave me a neck and shoulder massage.

Light Weight Moisturizer & Zinc Oxide SPF: As she was putting the moisturizer on, Stacie gave my face a little massage as well. I have to mention this because when you make your appointment you need to ask for Stacie so she can do this to your face too. She did a rolling, thumping (ever so lightly) motion with her fingers across my face that felt absolutely amazing. I honestly opened my eyes just enough to peek and see if she maybe had extra fingers on her hands. There is just no way you can move human fingers that fast. While she has the normal number of fingers, her ability to relax and massage your skin is other worldly!

I had such a great experience. I walked out of Oculus with baby smooth skin, smelling a little like minty lavender and so relaxed I wanted to take a nap!

Make your appointment today, ask for Stacie and tell them Angel sent you. Oh, and be sure to post your pictures on Facebook or Twitter so I can compare my scores to yours. I’m just competitive like that, I can’t help it! :)

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