Random Review: The Black Keys

OK, first and foremost let me make this disclaimer, I am not a music aficionado, expert or classically trained critic. I only know when something makes me take notice and shake my thang a little. I also recognize when I hear music that I think kicks ass!

Enter: American blues-rock band The Black Keys.

I was recently introduced to this band and thought I would download a few tunes just to see what they were about. I know that I might be behind the times, as they have been around since 2001. Once I heard Howlin’ For You however, I was hooked. So, without going into too much musical composition breakdown of sound, tone and lyrical meaning, I’ll let you listen for yourself so you can see that I’m right. If you want to know more about their style and background you can always look them up on Wikipedia. This review will let the music speak for itself.

Buy it, download it, love it! The Black Keys get my Random Review Thumps way up!

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