Angel on Atlanta & Company Discussing Mommy Makeovers!

I love going on Atlanta & Company with Christine and the gang to talk about ways mommy’s can get their groove back! On this segment of Atlanta & Company Christine and I discuss the different options available for a Mommy Makeover! Check it out!

Angel on Atlanta & Company discussing Mommy Makeovers from Angel Maynard on Vimeo.

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Mother’s Day: An ode to the women that made me who I am

My beautiful Mama

“A son’s a son until he gets a wife, a daughter is a daughter all her life”

I would not be me without them. Always pushing me up and forward, quite literally actually, my Nannie was 4’11, my Mama is 5’0 and I got all the way to 5’2!

My Nannie: A woman in a man’s world circa 1940′s

Intelligent and ahead of their time. My Nannie was working when other women were at home. My Mama kicked down doors and barriers in her life that made her the smartest, strongest woman I’ve ever known. From a young girl with a little red headed daughter, to a college graduate with a thriving career, she balanced work and family and her own sense of self through it all.

The runner

They taught me to be tough, but soft around the edges. To get through the perils in life, but still hold love in my heart for those around me. To be firm when I have to, and to give when the people I love need me.

Mama at the hospital with me

I am unfiltered. What you see is what you get. I’ve nothing to hide. I don’t know how to be any other way, because that is what these women taught me to be. If they had an opinion you knew it, if they didn’t like something, you definitely knew it and if they were happy the whole world smiled around them! I’m grateful for this quality. I’m sure at times, they wish I’d have held back just a little to save my Mama from the occasional panic attack I cause ;)

I get my sense of humor honestly

I get my sense of humor honestly

Fearless in life. It’s what I hope to pass on to my boys and something my Mama has always encouraged me to be. “If anyone can do this, you can Angel”. Speak up, stand up and take responsibility for yourself. At the core of who I am, I know that no matter how many tears I shed, no matter how many times I fall down and how many victories I celebrate, my Mama is standing either at my back or by my side. There is no better comfort when I need courage to take a leap in my life than to know this to be something I can depend on.

My best friend

Beauty inside and out. Their energy and light filled up every room they were ever in. It’s not something you can learn, it’s just inside them, and hopefully me.

Laugh out loud!

Laugh out loud!





I strive for their strength, their respect, their love and what I see as perfection. Perfect, because they were not afraid to be imperfect. That’s what a woman is: complex, beautiful, smart, emotional, strong, fierce and protective of what’s hers. To make mistakes, learn and keep going.

I am the product of these women. The greatest gift in my life, besides my own children, is that I had a lot to live up to and it motivates me to make them proud of what they created.

I love you isn’t enough, but it will have to do in words. Thank you doesn’t convey my gratitude. So what I can do is show you, that I really did want to grow up and be just like you. I hope I make you proud.


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Mommy Needs An Orgasm

It’s been one of those days. Your mind is in a million places: Pick up the laundry, finish that report, take (insert child’s name here) to the orthodontist, deal with that half wit at work all day. There’s a run in your hose (does anyone still wear hose? It sounded good anyway), your stomach is growling and there’s nothing in the pantry to make for dinner (looks like pancakes again). If you hear the the word Mom, Mommy or Mama one more time your head might explode into a million pieces. Your shoulders are tight, your head is throbbing and you’ve yawned your way through multiplication drills with your third grader for homework all evening.

You know what you need, right? You need an orgasm!

Tuck the kiddies in bed, leave the laundry for tomorrow and turn the lights down low. You could even light a candle. What the hell? Live a little!

Whether it’s alone or with someone you want to roll around on the bed with, an orgasm can produce many remedies for what ails you. Check out a few of the reasons why tonight you need to climax!

Sleep: I don’t know a mom or wife that gets enough sleep. I don’t know anyone that gets enough sleep for that matter. All of my friends and I talk about our lack of sleep. We’re up early for kids and work and down late after trying to finish everything we cram into our days. Once you do finally get in bed your brain starts immediately running through all the things that you have to do when your feet hit the floor in the morning.
An orgasm releases endorphins upon climax that act as a bit of a tranquilizer. We’ve all heard about “those guys” that have sex and roll right over and go to sleep. Perhaps the poor fellas are just sleep deprived! Let the warm tranquil haze overtake you after sex or masturbation and drift right on off to sleeeeeeeepppppp.

Weight loss: Did you know that each time you get it on, you can burn up to 85 calories or more during 30 minutes of sex? Forty-two half hour sessions will burn 3,570 calories. That equals more than enough to burn off a pound! Spend an hour in the sack instead of 30 minutes and you’ve dropped that pound in 21 orgasm inducing routines. Now, like I said above, I yawned my way through the multiplication drills, so I won’t get into hard math here. My point is, 85 calories equals about half of one of those pancakes you had for dinner and that can’t be bad when I can roll over and go to sleep right after!

Pain Management: Throbbing head? Menstrual cramps? Pain in the ass at work? Those age old excuses for not having sex or masturbating are actually contradictory to what an orgasm can do for your aches and pain. The same endorphins that help you fall asleep also release phenylethylamine (a natural compound in the body that has morphine like properties) that can increase your pain tolerance by 70%. This is the “burst” of “OH WOW WHAT WAS THAT?” feeling you get during climax. I don’t think it lasts as long as a Tylenol, so thats when you need to take advantage of the sleep portion of that release before the aches and pain kick back in. I’m pretty sure it won’t help with that pain in the ass at work though. Sorry, no cure for those, they are everywhere I’m afraid.

Live Longer: In a study at Stanford University that started in 1921, a psychologist named Lewis Terman recruited 1,500 elementary school students to be part of a study that lasted for 80 years. He followed his subjects through adulthood and at his death in 1956 other scientists picked up where he left off. In 1990 two psychologists finished up the research and published a book called “The Longevity Project.” It was a study of how and why some people lived longer than others. Someone mailed me an article about this study. There were so many interesting facts that I do recommend reading the whole study. The one that stuck out to me right off the bat was this one:

The records show that the women who most often reached climax most often lived longer.
What else is there to say. Orgasms give you more bang for your buck! Live long and prosper my friends!

Article originally posted in Angel’s Examiner column.

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Sex and Driving

October is Family Sex Education Month, sponsored by Planned Parenthood. While the majority of parents I know have a hard time even thinking about approaching how to talk to their kids about sex, it is one of those parenting responsibilities that cannot be avoided. So, to help you along with that conversation, I am suggesting a platform that will actually help you with two parenting must do’s at one time. Lets talk about how sex and learning to drive a car can be taught hand in hand. Perhaps if you think about the big “Sex Talk” in these terms it may not feel so daunting, or maybe it will still seem daunting, who knows, but it’s worth a shot.

I’ve written another article in this similar format: Sex and Taxes. Feel free to refer to the instructions of that article to get the full benefit of the duality.

1. Know all your parts and how they function: You can’t get behind the wheel of a car without knowing what all the buttons, knobs and pedals do. You must familiarize yourself with all the functions of the inner workings of the car. You don’t actually have to see the engine running while you go down the road, but it’s a good idea to know how it starts and what is making it run. Body parts as related to sex work much the same way. Don’t take it for granted that a kid knows what and how everything works. Even if you are accused of being “Captain Obvious” explain to them when to turn on the blinker and where the gas and brake pedals are.

2. You cannot drive without insurance: You would never dream of putting your new driver behind the wheel without loading up on insurance. If there is an accident you want to make sure everyone is protected. So, why would you not also do the same for your child when it comes to sex. Explain what condoms are for and why they are so very important. If there is no insurance, the car doesn’t leave the garage, so to speak.

3. Defensive driving: Do you remember those horrific videos in drivers education? The one’s where teenagers drove recklessly and caused fatal accidents? Blood and gore and all the “in your face” reality of why careful driving was so important. Well that same concept can be applied to “The Sex Talk” as well. Google up images of STD’s and make them look and label them all. While you’re at it, have them spend a week with a new parent. Have them get up and feed and change the baby every two hours with the mom and make them pack and carry the diaper bag on every outing.

4. Never, ever drink and drive: This lesson will hopefully stay with them way into adulthood. Outside of the above mentioned hazards of alcohol impairing their ability to be a defensive driver, this talk could keep them from getting a D.U.I. (aka. doing it under the influence). Even if not behind a wheel of a car, alcohol can certainly cause a wrong choice on who to let into your car, if you get what I’m saying!

5. Tune Ups at least once a year: At least once a year it is important that you take your car in for service to make sure that everything is running properly. Even if it seems that everything under the hood is working and in order, sometimes an experienced mechanic will catch a minor issue before it blows up into a full blown need for an overhaul. Make sure your kids are getting a yearly checkup, especially if you suspect they are sexually active. They may be more willing to speak with a doctor about concerns or issues. Give them that opportunity.

Ok, jokes aside, talking with your kids about sex is something you must do. Here are a few statistics from Atlanta’s CDC (Centers for Disease Control) that speak to why:

Birth rate for 15-19 year olds: 42.5 live births per 1,000 population as of 2007.

Adolescent girls ages 15–19 years had the largest reported number of chlamydia and gonorrhea cases (409,531) when compared to any other age group. (November 2009)

6,685 teens between the ages of 13 and 19 diagnosed with AIDS/HIV in the United States through 2008

No child should have to disrupt their adolescence, suffer for the rest of their life or more tragically, die because they weren’t given the information that could prevent a sexual mistake.

If you do not feel that you are comfortable enough to talk with your child yourself, there are many books, videos and healthcare professionals that can help you get your child on the right path to sexual health. All you have to do is ask. Whether it comes from you or someone you trust, get them informed, insured and say a little prayer every time they leave the house.

This article originally published at Angel’s column at

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#AskAngel Wish List Event Tonight at BLUE

Come join me tonight for the #AskAngel Wish List Event at BLUE

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A Liquid FaceLift

Right side treated, left side untouched.

Another great example of Allergan products, Botox, Juvederm and Voluma XC being used to rejuvenate and turn back the hands of time non-surgically with a Liquid Facelift.
Watch as Melissa Gorz of Dr. Vincent N. Zubowicz’s practice performs a liquid lift on a 54 year old patient. The results are amazing!!

An AMP production

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Give thanks for a little and you will find a lot

“Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

On this day of turkey, sage dressing, giblet gravy, potato salad (can you tell I’m southern?), football (which I won’t be watching) and #BlackFriday preparation, I wanted to stop and give thanks to the year I’ve had and the people I love!

If you are reading this you are part of the message I would like to send! I am so thankful to all of you that read, watch, reach out to me and support me in all my work! I appreciate each and every one of you, without an audience of followers I would not be able to do what I do and what I love!

To my followers on social media, you guys are the best!! I have met some wonderful, entertaining and crazy people through all these avenues and love how no matter what I want to discuss, politics, sex, kids, work or just life in general, you keep me thinking, laughing and entertained!

What a whirlwind of a year this has been on my professional side! The start up of the new division of my production company, RedPill Productions, AMP, Angel Maynard Productions was born this year!
I wanted a company that could bring health, wellness, beauty, cosmetic surgery and overall information to my followers in a fun, safe, educated environment. With the partnership of some amazing practices and doctors AMP came alive fast and quick this year and we are just getting started!
My sincerest, deepest thanks goes out to Brandi Morrow and Kent Ordway who jumped on board with me and are crazy enough to go through this journey with me! I love and appreciate you both more than you know!

I am one of the lucky ones that loves the work I do and the amazing opportunities that come my way professionally. I am grateful for the career I have and the people I get to work with and the wonderful people I get to talk to, reach and help throughout my year!
What started as a blog and small web series has grown into a community I could never imagined would be in my life. For this I am most fortunate and humble.

The time spent with my family gets more precious every year. We made some wonderful memories this year from New York, to the Bahamas and over the pond to Scotland!

Have an amazing Thanksgiving Everyone! See you all in line at midnight at Gamestop for the early, early, early bird Black Friday special!!


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AMP, Angel Maynard Productions goes live!

A glimpse at AMP, Angel Maynard Productions!

Angel is the founder of Angel Maynard Productions, a sister company of RedPill Productions, a mutli-media production company started in 2007. AMP specializes in retail medicine video content for cosmetic and plastic surgery practices as well as spas, media spas, cosmetic dentistry, weight loss, wellness and health facilities. We also offer social media marketing and branding, educational event planning and practice solutions, training and inner office analytic support.

Angel is a writer with work published in several print and on-line magazines and producer. Production credits include the feature film “Baby Blues” which has domestic and international distribution, Sex Culture, featured at New York Television Festival and music videos featured at California IndieFest. She has consulted and worked with MTV, The Obama Campaign, TV networks, and many charitable organizations such as CMT, Isaiah Alonzo Foundation and Aid Atlanta. She has done PR work as a spokesperson for several different health/wellness and aesthetics businesses and practices such as Blue Cosmetic Surgery and MedSpa, Liberator, Intimacy Bra Fit, Schillings Women’s Center, Advanced Aesthetics and modeled for Rent the Runway and Tootsies.
Angel, creates, writes, produces, directs, films and edits on-line content that assists with audience engagement in today’s fast moving internet era. Her style and marketing voice is a cutting edge approach to branding.
Angel is the host of a popular web series for women, Real Women/Real Sexy with Angel Maynard, that has had over 1.5 million viewers since it first aired in 2011. Through social media and grassroots marketing, Angel brings her brand of expertise to her clients in a fun, informative and outside of the box approach.

Angel’s team consists of:

Brandi Morrow, Executive Vice President

Kent Ordway, Executive Vice President

Breanna Ward, Social Media Administrator

The new website is now live! Check us out!

Logo done by: Jamie Chambers at Signal Fire Studios, Shirt Happens

Photography by: Cate Suber, Clicks by Cate

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Link to Angel on recent Atlanta & Company discussing Skin Analysis!

Check out the most recent segment of Atlanta & Company where Angel discusses skin analysis and facial resurfacing!

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Angel on Atlanta & Co Today, 11/18/14 Talking about Sun Damage Treatments

Angel’s skin analysis using the Visia Complexion Analysis Machine

Be sure to tune in today at 12:30pm to 11Alive’s Atlanta & Company to watch Angel talk about sun damage and skin analysis! She’ll be discussing ways to combat damage that has already been done and turn back the hands of time using Peels, IPL’s, Microdermabrasion and Laser Skin Resurfacing using Fractional C02 treatments.

You can watch Angel’s last appearance on Atlanta & Company discussing Mommy Makeovers HERE!

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LOOKING FOR A LIQUID LIFT CANDIDATE! We need a candidate for a liquid lift video to be filmed Wednesday 11/12 at The Center for Plastic Surgery, Dr. Vincent Zubowicz MD.

Candidate will receive all Allergan products consisting of, 2 syringes of Voluma, 1 syringe of Juvederm and Botox. A total retail value of $4000.00.

Candidate should be female, preferably with no prior injection products currently in the facial area.

Candidate needs to be available for before pictures and filming of injections on 11/12, again for after photos on 11/26 and available for an airing of Atlanta & Company on 12/1 with patient advocate Angel Maynard.

To be considered as a candidate please submit a picture with no makeup, in good lighting from the front, left and right side as pictured below.

Send photos to:

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